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May. 20th, 2007 | 10:43 pm
music: Violent Femmes - Add It Up

Heh - It's been a while and LJ is still throwing that old, INCLUDE NUMEROS IN YOUR PASSWORD, error.

I get the gut feeling that this will be so much less interesting than I ever imagined it being - but I suppose I write - not to actually be interesting but rather to empty my head.

Right now I'm at a strange crossroad - I feel totally goddamn skullfucked, like my head is retreating into itself and I don't want to sleep because I have a feeling that it wont help. I also have a mildly intense paranoia. That's a-okay - I might go downstairs for a swig of whisky - Makers mark always seems to hit the spot, but that might be my inner alcoholic talking. Jenna always said I have an addictive personality - I'm inclined to say she's right but I'm also inclined to say It's not like I'm slamming shots in a dive somewhere. I've finished my work and I'm staring at the chair that I tumped over in my fit trying to get my head to stay where it was - It's not like I ingested anything even remotely hallucinogenic or even mood altering. I just want my goddamn head to stop playing ping pong with my perception so I can settle down and maybe get some work done.

At least I have the Violent Femmes,

They always make me smile and think back to more inappropriate times.

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