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Feb. 24th, 2007 | 06:14 pm
music: The Blood Brothers - Laser Life



Man, I love this song. So. How's it been. Been keeping clean internet? Silly question, I know - I just thought I'd be friendly. Anyway.

Current status:

Now in three flavors including:

Hickory smoked horse asshole

Thai spiced Curry



Anyways. I've spent far too much time hitting enter instead of writing anything down, so here goes. Most of my chronicling has been shunted off into my journal. Labeled 01, it contains my day to day agenda with accompanying annotation and outlooks on life by me. Wonderful, isn't it? I plan on making it a serious repository, something I will try to keep with me anywhere my bag goes.

Today was a debate tournament. Fun, hardly, but I don't think I completely sucked. At least I think I sucked less than I did the last time I competed. So less like a hoover and more like a dirt devil. I find solace in shooting people over the internet and finding new ways to iterate basically simple concepts into increasingly elaborate turns of phrase. I want to expand them metaphorically with traffic circles that lead into traffic circles which lead into a loop-de-loop over the edge of a RIVER OF FIRE into the mouth of a hooker and out her asshole into a half full enema bag.

yeah, I felt like being explicit.

Life is good, best keep it that way or I'll be havin' atcha with a bat.

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from: half_witted
date: Feb. 25th, 2007 02:24 am (UTC)

"Hickory smoked horse asshole."

Can you drive yet, bitch? Brave the Beltway and visit me!

Oh, and ... I met someone from Austin who attends GMU with me. He's pretty dumb. But you aren't.


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