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Kraggar let loose a butt blast the blew down the boundaries between reality and surreality.

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Jan. 15th, 2007 | 08:12 pm
music: The Third Programme - Imaginary

Jenna and I went to DC today and had ourselves a grand ol' time. Two suburb kids rockin' the big city. Never before have I had this much fun. When we got home I had to take pictures for Rhonda, so I set up a studio of sorts and we took shots of the things she wished to sell on the Ebay. She just got back from Bali so she had some in-fucking-credible shadow puppets, scarves, and sculptures and what not. It was really fun to shoot. As a bonus we took some other pics.

Blew my christmas gift on a pair of pants, a western shirt, two long sleeve tee's and a hat which I like a whole bunch. We also stopped by the Warehouse record store in Georgetown and I got the "The Third Programme" EP which is fine and dandy music as well as the wondrous and magical Brazillian girls "La Bomba"

The Thirde Programme isn't particularly memorable, but it's fine music. They haven't yet shattered my brain cells yet but I'm waiting. They seem promising enough. Plus they have a tambourine player! The Brazillian Girls "La Bomba" is fun, however not as sharp as what else I've heard of them. Perhaps I just need time.

it should also be noted I just dumped my digicam so I'll be posting some pics of Halloween on Facebook. Look out kiddies, it's gonna get violent.

Anyways, until the next time I care to post!

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