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Jack and Eliza have been, and continue to be, better than Daniel and the RS

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Dec. 19th, 2006 | 10:28 pm
mood: tired
music: The Format - Dog Problems

I was going to write a relevant an interesting entry.

This is standing in. A check for you to cash on a later date.

I am incredibly tired. Life is a whirlwind that doesn't seem to want to stop. This must be the ridiculous pace of life implied by junior year. They sneak it up on you, like a large burly man with a filthy burlap sack stalks behind you for your underclassmen years, only to spring on you some time through the beginning of the Junior school year. The sack is pretty see through, but the gaps begin to close and the large burly man has you now, and it's all over. You're dragged into it with relative ease and no hope of escape. The worst part is, it's so easy to ignore the fucker.



Extracurricular - My bane and my reason.

My life has a tendency to revolve around these more than my actual classes. I'm not even a band kid.

Dangerous, I know.

That's how I move.

there are moments when I lock eyes with you and we do that stupid googly eyes thing and the world is drowned out in this roar. This huge silence that fills me as we make contact. It is the most comforting calming and pleasing thing that I have ever experienced. It is my reason for existing some days. It is why days without you have a tendency to seem barren and without reprieve. You're like an oasis in the desert, blue eyes. Thank you for that.

More thought provoking things later, it's time for this cowboy to dismount his dinosaur and hit the sack.

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rap game kimmy gibbler


from: chana
date: Dec. 20th, 2006 04:10 am (UTC)

mmm big words

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